Our Vetting Process

As a professional nanny agency, Nannies on Demand have strict vetting procedures in place to ensure that every registered candidate/childcare professional that we refer to you, has been thoroughly vetted to the highest standard.  Our criteria requires the following:
  • Candidates are at least 18 years of age
  • Must be prepared to undertake a police check or provide a copy of a clean police report
  • Must be prepared to undertake an initial phone interview
  • Must be prepared to undertake a full interview
  • Have a recognised qualification in ECE, Teaching, Nannying, Nursing, or Midwifery is held or they have at least 1-2 years practical experience as a Day Care Worker, Nanny, or Maternity Nanny in line with the role they are applying for
  • Provide Nannies on Demand with a fully completed Nannies On Demand Registration Form
  • Agree to our 'Code of Conduct'
  • Present an up to date CV, listing all referees & previous positions since leaving their place of education with clear explanations of any gaps
  • Provide a copy of their Drivers Licence 
  • Provide a copy of at least 1 of the following:  Passport, Birth Cert, Photo ID identification
  • Provide a digital photo where possible
  • Provide proof of relevant qualifications (These will be followed up with the appropriate agency should copies not be made available)  (Clients will be advised of this)
  • Provide details of at least two-three verbal referees with full contact and address details, who have been previous employers within the last five years
  • One written reference or 1 verbal referee with full contact and address details, who can provide a character reference, ie; a professional person who is known to the Nanny and his/her family for a minimum of four years (neighbour, teacher, etc;)
  • Proof of a current First Aid Certificate  (Should they not hold one you will be advised of this at the time of receiving their CV.  As a company standard they will be required to obtain one. 
  •  Provide proof of a Visa which allows the Nanny or Childcare Professional to legally work in New Zealand  (We know what to look for in ensuring the Visa is a genuine document).
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