Nannies on Demand work hard in recruiting career minded nannies who are both professional and committed to their roles.

Being a nanny is challenging yet it is even more rewarding. You must have a sense of humour, enjoy working with children, be patient, caring and self motivated.  Along with these characteristics is the need to be a resourceful and organised team player.  As a role model you play a major part in the lives of the children you care for. You are not only their caregiver but their teacher.  Remember they are eager to learn and their minds are like sponges taking in everything around them.  Your training as a Nanny will assist you in meeting the educational and developmental needs of the child or children in your care.  Being a Nanny is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a great family while doing something you love.



We have a diverse range of Nannies who are all experienced in childcare, therefore if you have a  background or qualification in one of the following: midwifery, parenting, grand-parenting, nursing, early childhood education, teaching or nannying we would love to hear from you .  Sometimes it can be difficult in placing younger nannies but we recommend considering a role either as a Mother's Help or live-in Au Pair overseas to gain more experience, knowledge and skills. These are options that we can assist you with.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in childcare then submit your childcare related CV to us and we will be in touch to discuss your options further.  If you require assistance in creating a professional CV, visit our Creating a CV page which will provide you with a breakdown of CV requirements.

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