Childcare Options To Suit Your Family

Choosing the right form of childcare is one of the most difficult decisions a parent faces.  For working parents, finding an option that is safe, reliable, affordable and that fits into their schedule are top priorities.  Nannies on Demand is here to assist you in discussing and finding the right childcare option suited to your family's needs. 

childcare Below we have defined the main sources of childcare supplied by us.  If you require further assistance in determining the best childcare option for your family please contact us.

Day Nanny
A Day Nanny is a career Nanny who usually holds a level 3-7 certificate in Early Childhood Education. All care is undertaken in the family's home on a live-out or live-in basis.  Day Nannies are employed on a permanent or fixed term basis. Day Nannies provide a safe, & stimulating environment in which the child/ren in his/her care can learn, develop and grow safely.

Temporary Nanny
A Temporary Nanny is a Day Nanny who cares for children on a very short term basis. This type of service is usually suited to those families who require a stand in Nanny when their child is sick and unable to attend daycare or,  need to go away on business, want a weekend away without the children, require a nanny to stand in while their new arrival is being delivered, or when their usual child carer falls sick or takes leave.  

Granny Nanny
A Granny Nanny is an active senior who usually has life experience rather than formal training.  Granny Nannies have a nurturing approach to childcare, strong overview of household management & a 'get stuck in' approach gained through raising their own families.  They can also be of particular benefit to those families seeking out a surrogate grandparent. Granny Nannies are usually placed in Day Nanny, Temporary & After School roles due to their flexibility.

Executive Nanny/Nanny Housekeeper
An Executive Nanny/Nanny Housekeeper is a professional Nanny who may also have an Executive or Personal Assistant background.  With excellent time management skills an Executive Nanny/Nanny Housekeeper can assist with nanny duties in addition to household management/full household cleaning, overseeing tradesmen, arranging meetings, organising parties and running errands.

Nanny Share
A Nanny Share is a popular childcare alternative. The care is provided by a career Nanny & the children are looked after in their own home. Sometimes families alternate between homes.  One of the main benefits of a Nanny share aside from costs, is that your child will have the company of another child his/her own age with the standard of care remaining high.  Both families share the cost of the agency placement fee and wage of the Nanny since the childcare professional will have two families with which to communicate.

After-School Nanny
An After-School Nanny provides care for your child/children after school, often picking them up from school.  Duties related to her role may include: assisting with homework, transporting to and from after school activities, cooking the evening meal, baking, folding washing & light housework.  After School Nannies require a minimum of three hours per shift & can stay on until late.    View some of our available After School Nannies here.

Before-School Nanny
A Before School Nanny provides care for your child/children before school, often dropping them off to school.  Duties related to her role may include: making breakfast & lunches, organising children for the day, transporting to school, cooking the evening meal, making the children's beds, laundry and light housework. 

Night Nanny
A Night Nanny will care for your baby’s needs throughout the night, so that you can get a good night’s rest. The Night Nanny will typically stay in the baby's room and manage the infant’s care throughout the night. When your baby wakes up she will feed, burp, change and settle your baby back to sleep. A night nanny can also assist you in gradually eliminating one feed after another, until your baby is sleeping peacefully throughout the night. Length of care is flexible and based on the family’s needs.

Maternity Nanny/Nurse
A Maternity Nanny specialises in the care of newborn babies and is either a very highly trained and experienced Maternity Nanny, Nurse, or Midwife. Their role is to establish a routine for baby and to assist with infant maternity care, support and guidance with infant feeding (breast or bottle), multiple baby-care, baby massage, mother care and post natal depression support. A Maternity Nanny usually joins your family immediately after the birth of your baby. Our Maternity professionals are self employed therefore they work on a free lance basis.  Length of care is flexible and packages can be tailored to your requirements.

Wedding Nanny
Whether you are attending or planning a wedding, a Wedding Nanny can assist you and your guests with your childcare requirements on or off-site. It provides you with the opportunity of having your children with you, while being able to relax and enjoy a truly magical day.

Mother Help
A Mother Help is typically someone with no formal qualifications & a small amount of childcare experience.  If she does have an Early Childhood qualification, she is a newly qualified Nanny with limited childcare experience. A Mother Help works alongside a parent/guardian usually sharing childcare and domestic cleaning duties on a  50/50 basis.

Au Pair  (Live in /Live Out)
An Au Pair is typically a young woman or sometimes a young man, from a foreign country who will usually live in with the family and take care of the children as well as assist with light housework. An Au Pair normally has no formal training or qualifications and will have usually gained his/her experience through: babysitting, tutoring, summer camps, or childcare based internships of 1-2 months.  While Au Pairs can provide childcare during the day, Au Pairs are particularly suited to Mother Help, Before School & After School roles.

Evening Babysitter
A 'Nannies on Demand Babysitter' commences at 6pm and provide a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Our Evening Babysitters all have solid & proven experience in caring for children, with the majority of our Babysitters being qualified in either childcare, nursing, teaching or midwifery. If not, they are parents/grandparents themselves or, are working towards a qualification in childcare or a field similar to childcare.  An Evening Babysitter requires a minimum of 3 hours work per booking.  Our Babysitters can be booked on a casual basis or for those who require Babysitters more frequently we also offer a subscription.  An earlier start time can be accommodated.


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