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International Nanny Vacancies
To voice your interest in any of the following Nanny roles, please forward through your CV, written references, recent photo(s), cover letter, (as well as scanned copies of your drivers licence, passport and relevant certificates).

FAMILY ARDEN-DAVIS – (Harpenden, Hertfordshire)    Nanny required as soon as possible for lovely family living in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.  The family have two lively boys aged 3 ½ and 5 years old, the 5 year old at full time school and at present the 3 year old is at nursery 3 mornings and one afternoon a week.  Both parents are accountants.  The family have a 5 bedroom house with all modern conveniences and there would be a spacious bedroom with own bathroom for the nanny.  The family house is in walking distance to Harpenden which has everything to offer. The family enjoy swimming, tennis, and golf.  Mr & Mrs Arden-Davis are non-smokers of the Christian faith.  They keep no pets. 


The family will require their nanny to work from 7.00am until 7.00-7.30pm Monday to Friday and flexibility is most important.  The nanny will be required to get the children up and dressed each morning, prepare breakfast, walk/drive to and from school bus stop/school/nursery, cook their meals, organise play dates and activities, arts and crafts etc.  To be able to bath and feed them at the end of the day getting them ready for bed time. She would be responsible for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom after use, tidying up toys and bedrooms each day, putting wash load on and ironing where necessary for the children, and emptying dishwasher – to do any errands necessary such as shopping, dry cleaning etc.

 Mum may have to travel once a month so there would be complete sole charge during this time.  Competent manual driver with clean license. 


The family would like a responsible girl who is happy to kick a ball around the garden and someone who loves the outdoors. 


Weekends would be free.  Babysitting twice weekly.  £300-400 salary weekly depending on age and experience.


FAMILY BORGES-SMITH - (St John's Wood, Central London)  Nanny required, mid-Feb/March to look after baby girls aged 4.5 month and 2 years old. The family live in St John’s Wood in central London, near the Baker Street amenities and Oxford Street shopping area and have a 4 storey Victorian house near Regents and Hyde Park. The family keep two small dogs, a pug and a miniature schnauzer. Both parents are non smokers and work full time. Father is a strategist and Mother a company director.


The position would be to work between children's waking and sleeping times (8-8:30am-7.00pm) Monday to Friday plus one 4 hour slot alternate weekends (to be agreed each week). The family is very flexible and accommodating so also requires flexibility from nanny.  Two nights babysitting required each week plus 2 weekend nights a month.  Parents try to be as present and involved as possible but nanny should be able to do everything for the babies, including making formulas and cooking their meals, changing nappies, bath time, keeping their bedroom and clothes clean and tidy, playing with them, taking them out for walks and being in sole charge of them whilst the parents are working. The toddler will be attending nursery for part of the week and family have membership to various playgroups in the area. Whoever joins the family should be willing to share the light household duties such as emptying dishwasher, and putting wash load on, keeping areas used by the children clean. A cleaner is kept once a week for 4 hours and she attends to all the heavier duties of the house. To be able to walk the dogs when needed. Own double bedroom offered on the top floor of the house with en-suite facilities and terrace. 250-270 pounds weekly to commence (tax & insurance paid), plus  discretionary bonus. Willingness, ability and interest in travelling important. The family are hoping for an intelligent girl who enjoys reading books to the girls, is interested in child development, is energetic and creative,  and who enjoys food & travel.


Previous nanny was extremely happy and stayed well over her allotted time having had a wonderful experience with this family.



FAMILY KIRKWOOD  -(Close to central London)  Experienced Mothers Help required for busy professional parents close to central London.  Three boys aged 3, 10 and 12 years old.  The 12 year old is at boarding school but comes home every alternate weekend.  The 10 year old is at full time school which is in walking distance to the house and the 3 year old is at nursery 5 mornings a week but will be starting school in September.  Mum is an obstetrician and dad is in finance.  They work very long hours.  At present the family are renting a home in Belsize Park but they will be moving to Chalk Farm once their home is renovated.  Both areas are young and trendy and there are many shops, parks, coffee bars, Camden Market, Hampstead Heath and absolutely everything to offer in this location.  Central London is approximately 10-15 minutes away by either underground or bus. The family also have a home in the countryside which they go to at weekends.    The family have an old cat.  They are non-smokers.  The family keep a cleaner for heavier duties.


The hours of work would be 7.00am until approximately 7.00pm.   The Mothers Help will be responsible for everything to do with the children, getting them up, dressed, give them breakfast and then take the 3 and 10 year olds to school.  To then return to tidy the kitchen and bedrooms and prepare lunch for the 3 year old, empty dishwasher, put a wash load on, fold and put away and do any ironing for the children.  To be able to do arts and crafts with the youngest, be sporty and be able to kick a football around the garden, do some baking, and have fun with both children.  To then pick up the 10 year old from school and supervise him with homework, bath time and bed time, preparing their dinner and tidying away.  During school holidays to organise activities and play dates.  To be able to do errands during the day such as help with weekly shop, dry cleaning, presents for parties, making appointments should they children need to see a doctor or dentist. 


The Mothers Help would have her own bedroom and have weekends free although should the Mothers Help consider working a Saturday morning then extra money will be offered.  Babysitting will be required twice weekly.    Automatic driving essential and someone who is used to traffic.  Mum is looking for a girl with initiative and common sense, who is fit and sporty and generally has a happy demeanour.


Salary offered £375-450 depending on age and experience.


FAMILY HARRISON - (Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire,)  Mothers Help required mid-October for lovely family with twins girl and boy aged 6 years old.  Both parents work full time and  the twins  attend school daily until 3.00pm.  Mum is a chief executive of a hospital and Dad is a chief executive in business.  The family live in a 5 bedroom house which is well furnished with all modern conveniences. Separate accommodation is offered for the mothers help which is a converted garage which includes a bathroom, small lounge and kitchenette with wifi/tv.  The family will be buying a labrador so the applicant needs to love dogs. 


The family house is in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire,  which is 10 minutes to the train station, then taking 40 minutes into London.  Amersham is the next suburb which is on the Metropolitan underground line taking 50 minutes into London.  Great Missenden has a pub and church and is a very pretty village.


The family are young and active and are looking for someone who genuinely enjoys being with children.  To be able to look after them, getting them up and dressed in the morning,  making breakfast and driving them to and from school, giving them meals, playing and entertaining them and looking after their welfare.  Parents arrive home around 6.00-6.30pm daily.  To be able to do light housekeeping duties, emptying dishwasher, putting washing load on, some ironing and keeping kitchen surfaces clean and tidy but the position is predominantly for child care duties mainly.    Driving essential and able to take the children to and from activities.  Weekends free and babysitting required twice weekly.  £230-250 salary to commence. 20 days holiday per year.  Lovely, friendly family.



FAMILY HELLER - (Hampstead, North West London)   Mothers Help required from end of October.  Family have three children aged 17 (boy), 14 (girl) and 7(girl) years old, all of whom attend school daily.  Mrs Heller is a paediatric doctor and works 3 days per week.  Mr Heller runs a property company. The family have a large 5 bedroom house with all modern conveniences in Hampstead, North West London, close to the centre.


The position would be to take the 7 year old to school and collect her, preparing dinner for the children on the days that mum works and helping with homework and driving them to and from after school activities.  To be able to walk the 2 dogs (long-haired red dachshunds) 4 days per week and the family also keep a cat.  To keep the kitchen tidy and the children’s bedrooms clean and tidied daily, empty dishwasher and collect dry cleaning or errands as needed.  Family keep a cleaner every morning - total 18 hours per week) for all heavier duties. 


Automatic driving and being able to take the older children to after school activities when required. 


The family enjoy tennis, walking the dogs, drawing, crafts, and the son likes piano.  The 5 year old loves arts and singing, cello, ballet, tennis.  Babysitting would be required twice a week and the family would like the possibility of a Saturday night babysitting once or twice a month if possible (not essential). 


Own separate bedsit across the road above the family garage so lots of privacy!  Option of eating dinner with the family as often as wanted.


The position would be 7am until 7pm with an hour’s break during the day.  Weekends free and 4 weeks holiday offered,  up to two weeks own choice, two weeks family’s choice.  The family have a holiday house by the sea in West Sussex and you will go there sometimes in school holidays with the family.


The family are looking for a friendly girl who the children will enjoy being with after school and who is happy to muck in.  £300 to commence weekly.



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